Portugal Europe's West Coast.

Place To Build Memories.

An Ideal Destination

An idyllic paradise just a couple of hours away, Portugal is an ideal destination varied enough to have something for everyone.

Algarve’s popularity with families is well deserved. The picturesque volcanic coast is perfect for sun worshippers and the sparkling waters just divine for a swim or diving expedition. There’s plenty here for the kids too with water sports and nature lovers can visit the Zoo, Marine attraction or look out for wild dolphins on the coastal boat tours.  

If you’re looking for an Algarve resort that’s just about the adults, we can help point you in the right direction of a more peaceful idyllic beach or some of Portugal’s famous nightlife. There’s plenty here for history lovers too with ancient architecture and famous medieval castles sitting alongside the world-famous beaches and some spectacular golf courses. If you haven’t tried them already, don’t ignore some of the water sports this part of the country is famous for.

If breath-taking scenery is your thing, you can hike through miles of natural park and maybe even spot some of Portugal’s renowned wildlife alongside forest flora and fauna. Rugged mountains dotted with beautiful white-washed houses overlook the sparkling ocean in Madeira, a place perfect for budding photographers.

Portugal’s cobbled streets and traditional shops are filled with charm and history. You can take a wander up the streets of Funchal before making your way to Monte via cable car and see some of the most unique views in this part of Europe.

We can’t neglect to mention Portugal’s cuisine, hearty meals created with fresh, local ingredients, there are incredible taste sensations just waiting to be discovered. Codfish is nicknamed “the faithful friend” in Portugal and many locals pride themselves on having the best fish in the world. Or perhaps you would prefer to try the world-famous eel dishes or seafood stews. Or how about sausages made from the native black pig or the incredible FranceSinha.

Portugal is famous for its festivals. From religious celebrations to food festivals, you’re never too far away from something exciting. We can help you hook up the perfect date to see anything you have in mind.

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